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Company Profile

Zhejiang Yibo Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2023, is a new company established by Zhejiang Lvli Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. after more than 20 years of development in product upgrading and business integration.The knives, forks, spoons, tableware, plates, cups, bowls, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Bowl, Plastic Cutlery and lunch boxes we sell are all made of high-quality food grade PP, PS, and other material; Products are exported to all over the world such as North America, Latin America, the Middle East, EU countries and East Asia. 

With a variety of process models and customized production services to meet the various needs of customers for products, strict control of all links, high product quality, exquisite style while taking into account affordable prices and efficient shipping efficiency, customer service is thoughtful, can consult at any time to obtain the company's product information and provide sample servicesZhejiang Yibo Technology Co., Ltd. will continue the glorious development history of Lvli Plastic Industry for more than 20 years, and continue to innovate and develop in the spirit of science and humanism.

Zhejiang Yibo Technology Co., Ltd. factory has been established for more than 20 years, since the establishment of the factory, the continuous introduction of technical personnel and high-tech equipment, so that the production of products more abundant, more advanced and refined. The scope of business includes expansion and processing: all kinds of plastic knives, forks and spoons tableware, plastic plates, cups and bowls, mold customization, customer LOGO processing services, and has advanced modern production lines such as graphic design, printing, mold manufacturing, sheet, blister molding, etc., which can meet the various customized needs and various production requirements of different customers. 

The company has passed ISO9002 certification, has a complete quality assurance and after-sales management system, and has an environmental management system to ensure environmental protection and safe production of products, in line with national food packaging hygiene standards.

Product Application
Party,Family gatherings,Daily meals,Banquets,Festivals,Gifts,Portable bento

Production Equipment
Under the strict and efficient, scientific and impeccable management mode, the company has injection molding machine, vacuum coating machine, automatic heat printing machine, heat shrink packaging machine, UV coloring production line and other complete production process supporting machinery, with independent design and development and product optimization and improvement capabilities, and the complete production of product quality, good color and strong durability.

Production Market

Our service
Before sales, we can recommend products that meet customer needs according to customer needs, customers can also send drawings and samples to us for us to open mold customization, can fully communicate and communicate with us, customize the best solutions and products for customers. After product confirmation, we will send samples to customers for reconfirmation. In the production process, we strictly control the quality, each process has a special person responsible for supervision and verification, strict control of quality, if there is a problem with after-sales products, we will also actively compensate, and strive to give customers a satisfactory answer.

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