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Zhejiang Yibo Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2023, is a new company established by Zhejiang Lvli Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. after more than 20 years of development in product upgrading and business integration.
The knives, forks, spoons, tableware, plates, cups, bowls, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Bowl, Plastic Cutlery and lunch boxes we sell are all made of high-quality food grade PP, PS, and other material; Products are exported to all over the world such as North America, Latin America, the Middle East, EU countries and East Asia. With a variety of process models and customized production services to meet the various needs of customers for products, strict control of all links, high product quality, exquisite style while taking into account affordable prices and efficient shipping efficiency, customer service is thoughtful, can consult at any time to obtain the company's product information and provide sample services
Zhejiang Yibo Technology Co., Ltd. will continue the glorious development history of Lvli Plastic Industry for more than 20 years, and continue to innovate and develop in the spirit of science and humanism.

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