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What are the advantages of plastic knife, fork and spoon? How to remove dirt?


(1) Good appearance
Because the difficulty of plastic modeling is lower than that of stainless steel and wood, it is easier to make a variety of beautiful and delicate patterns, so the knife, fork and spoon made of plastic has more appearance choices and higher aesthetics.

2) Rich colors
Compared with stainless steel knife and fork spoon, plastic knife and fork spoon is richer in color, color, color, powder.... Spoons of various colors are available, and people can choose different colors of knives, forks and spoons according to their preferences.

(3) Good anti-fall
Plastic knife and fork spoon is very resistant to fall, even if repeatedly fell a dozen times, it is not easy to break or break. In addition, plastic for the child light weight, children take effortless.

How to remove dirt?
1, plastic knife, fork and spoon on the dirt, can only use cloth dipped in alkali, vinegar or soap scrub, should not be used to remove dirt powder, so as not to wear off the surface of the luster. Tableware stained with oil, not easy to wash clean, such as in hot water put a little flour, into a very thin soup wash, and then flush with water, will be particularly clean

2, plastic knife, fork and spoon stained with oil, can be used sawdust or grass and wood ash wipe, and then wash with warm rice wash bowl, dish, chopsticks have accumulated dirt, available salt and vinegar wash brush, can also be used to scrub dirt powder.

3. Plastic knives, forks and spoons that have come into contact with eggs and flour should first be soaked in cold water and then washed with hot water. If you wash them in hot water first, the leftovers will stick to the utensils and be difficult to wash off.

4, ordinary dishes to wash with warm water to wash clean, filled with seafood plastic knife, fork and spoon if washed with hot water, seafood smell is more strong, not easy to remove, so winter also want to use cold water wash, if afraid of cold water, can wear gloves cold water wash.

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